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Drive Sizes for Metric Allen Drive Screws

Allen Drive
Screw Diameter
Drive Size
Socket flat head screw
Socket Flat
Socket button head screw
Socket Button
Socket cap screw
Socket Cap
Socket set screw
Set Screw
1.6mm     1.5mm 0.7mm
2mm     1.5mm 0.9mm
2.5mm     2mm 1.3mm
3mm 2mm 2mm 2.5mm 1.5mm
4mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 3mm 2mm
5mm 3mm 3mm 4mm 2.5mm
6mm 4mm 4mm 5mm 3mm
8mm 5mm 5mm 6mm 4mm
10mm 6mm 6mm 8mm 5mm
12mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 6mm
14mm 10mm * 12mm
16mm 10mm 10mm 14mm
* This product is not manufactured, or does not have a standardized drive size.