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Cable ties

Cable ties

Easy to use device that will bundle and lock items together. Also commonly known as Zip Ties.

Cable ties

Cable ties


Conventional cable ties are general purpose ties available in a variety of sizes and strengths.

Stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel

Stainless steel cable ties self-lock with a roller ball mechanism and are made with 316 stainless steel to offer strength as well as chemical and weather resistance.

Mounting cable ties


Mounting cable ties can be mounted with screws or rivets in applications when pre-mounting to a surface before final assembly is required or critical. The tie can be bundled before or after mounting.

Cable ties

Cold weather

Cold weather cable ties are specifically designed with a Nylon 6/6 resin blend for enhanced flexibility to solve low humidity application issues and can be installed in temperatures as low as -4°F.