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Fastener Information

Please feel free to print these charts and tables for your personal reference on fasteners.

General Fastener Information

Fastener Basics
Fastener Basics

Our illustrated guide to basic fastener concepts - designed to quickly give you the knowledge to identify, find and use the correct fastener. Start here if you are new to fasteners.

Printable Fastener Tools
PDF Format Printable Fastener Tools

Free PDF tools for printing, including to-scale 'lay-over' sizing charts to easily identify dimensions of many common fasteners.

Fastener Type Chart
Fastener Type Chart
Identifying Fasteners
How Fasteners
Are Identified
Measuring Fasteners
Measuring Fasteners
Fastener Materials and Grades
Fastener Materials
and Grades

US to Metric Conversion Table
Metric to US Conversion Table

Common Fastener Related Terminology
Common Fastener Related Abbreviations

Other Information

Tap and Drill Sizes

US Tap and Drill Size Table
Metric Tap and Drill Size Table


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