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Set screws, Allen, Cone point, Alloy steel black oxide finish, 3/8"-16 x 7/16"

Cone point set screw

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25018 4 7/16" $1.95 / ea $116.90 / 100 $1,047.00 / 1,000 $1.95 / ea $116.90 / 100 $1,047.00 / 1,000

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Allen drive set screw dimensions
Cone point set screw dimensions
Product details
Bolt Depot product# 25018
Units US
Category Set screws
Screws with no head and machine threads for use in a tapped hole.
Drive type Allen
Allen (hex socket) drive is a six-sided recess for use with an Allen wrench (hex key).
Point type Cone
Cone points have a sharp penetrating point to wedge into the contact material offering strong holding power in a permanent application or to be used for fine adjustments on soft or hard surfaces.
Material Alloy steel
A high strength heat treated alloy steel.
Finish Black oxide
A chemically produced coating that leaves the steel surface with a matte black finish and offers mild corrosion resistance.
Thread density Coarse
Diameter 3/8"
Thread count 16
Length 7/16"
Dimensional standard ASME B18.3
Material standard ASTM F912
Thread direction Right hand
Drive size 3/16"

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