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Washers are used to spread the load of a bolt or screw over a larger area or to help prevent loosening under vibration.



Flat washers

General use flat washer

USS flat washer

USS flat washers

USS pattern is the most common type of flat washer.

SAE flat washer

SAE flat washers

SAE pattern is a tighter fit on the bolt and a smaller outside diameter.

Structural flat washer

Structural washers F436

A thick flat washer intended for use in structural connections.

Fender washer

Fender washers

Washers with oversized outside diameters.

Lock washer

Lock washers

Split lock washers place tension against a nut after tightening, to help prevent loosening.

High collar lock washer

High collar lock washers

A split lock washer designed to fit under the head of a socket cap screw.

Nord®-Lock washers

Nord-Lock® washers

A lock washer system that uses wedge locking technology to prevent loosening under severe vibration and dynamic load.

Lock washer external tooth

Lock washers external tooth

Uses external teeth to help prevent loosening.

Lock washers internal tooth

Lock washers internal tooth

Uses internal teeth to help prevent loosening.

Bonded sealing washer

Bonded sealing washers

A neoprene washer bonded to a slightly conical metal backing. Used to seal out air/water or dampen noise and vibration.

Finishing washer

Finishing washers

Decorative washers for use with oval or flat head screws.

Dock washer

Dock washers

Very thick washers with large outside diameters.

Square dock washer

Square dock washers

Large square washers that are thicker than standard washers.

Square beveled washer

Square beveled washers

Intended to be used in a beam flange to provide a parallel surface.

Ogee washer

Ogee washers

Thick, large diameter, washers with a curved or sculpted appearance.